Latest Hiking Spots

Spring is upon us, folks! This is my first Spring in 3 years living outside of a city and I realized that this is my first time seeing the natural changes of Spring since then. Living in the city left me pretty sheltered from nature, and now that I’m relatively out in the woods, everything coming… More Latest Hiking Spots

That Time I Made Brownies, Angels Sang, Children Rejoiced, and all was right with the World

I made brownies last week.  If you know me, you know this is huge. I rarely cook anymore and am currently living in an apartment-style dorm. Needless to say, this is not something that happens a lot (so get out your cameras people)! Not that I don’t love baking, but I’ve been pretty slackertastic about it… More That Time I Made Brownies, Angels Sang, Children Rejoiced, and all was right with the World

I’m Baaaaccckkkk!

Hello blog world, it’s been a while! I know, I think I win the award for least consistent blogger of all time (though I guess two years of total non-usage is fairly consistent?). I used to use this blog as a space to write down all of the thoughts, experiences, and adventures I had during my… More I’m Baaaaccckkkk!

Kicking Princess Ass

We did it!  Disney Princess half marathon finishers!! Katie Rose and I ran 13.1 miles to complete our first half marathon together! It was an amazing nonstop weekend that culminated in an accomplishment that I am beyond proud of. But let’s start from the very beginning… The weekend began on Friday when I took off… More Kicking Princess Ass


February 8, 2012 marked a year’s anniversary of the beginning of my journey to Israel. A year ago on that day I was boarding a plane for a country that would quickly become my home and met a group of people who would soon become my second family. I can safely say that my time… More Nostalgia

Chocolate Paradise

Every Friday there’s always the great “what to do, what to do” debate. I’m going to be honest, Friday really sets the tone for the rest of weekend. Go out and have a few too many cocktails and you’re basically knocked out for the rest of the weekend. Have a quiet night in and you… More Chocolate Paradise


So the blog’s gone to the wayside. Isn’t this always what happens when life changes around a whole lot? Habits, discipline, and routine go right out the window when something new is thrown into the mix. Well, after a few months of adjusting to this change I can safely say I’m back and plan on… More Slack-a-lackin’