A Very Sushi Holiday Season!

Yesterday I braved the 12 degree temps and took to the road for a sushi dinner with the roomies! Patrick and his girlfriend joined us as we headed off to Yuan Asian Bistro in Wethersfield, CT.

Of course first we got all dressed up and whenever we do that a fashion show ensues.

That’s Christine to the left, she’s a frequenter of the farmhouse as well šŸ™‚

Matt dresses like a farmer no matter where we go. What a fashionista.

When we got to the sushi place we very quickly realized that we were the only people in a very large space. It was pretty cold in there (maybe 60 degrees, which for a restaurant is pretty cool on the inside!) and throughout our time at the place only 3-4 other tables came in. Yuan started up just a few months ago and I hope they get a bit more hoppin’ because the sushi was delicious!

We ordered a scorpion bowl to start.

Everyone had a little bit and Mary made me a special double long straw so that I could enjoy right from my seat. Didn’t have to move at all, so convenient!

Though admittedly I did look slightly ridiculous.

Then, the food arrived. Ahhh, heaven. I wish took pictures of all the rolls, but I only got a few. Here’s a spider roll and a spicy salmon roll (Miles’ choice):

I got the Hartford roll: tempura shrimp with red and black caviar atop. It was both pretty and delicious.

I also got a rainbow roll, which was no Hartford roll, but still pretty good.

Other rolls include Christine’s eel roll, as well as her Out of Control Roll (a delicious combo of spicy tuna and crab).

Chris let me have a bite of her Out of Control Roll, which was outta this world! Spicy and amazing.

After we had sufficiently stuffed ourselves, we headed home and I went out with a couple of friends to a weekly event we call “Family Night.” Every Thursday a bunch of college friends and I sit around at my friend’s apartment and watch the FX line-up. We start with It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and move to The League (which I think is by far the funnier of the two). I love love love family night because I miss all of my UConn friends so badly! It’s a great way to get together and be ridiculous.

Well, I’ve got plans of gymming at some point today, so I gotta get goin! Happy Friday šŸ™‚


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