Hello Big Apple!

To start today off right both Evan and I took a little trip to the world’s most fantastic diner (yes, I mean it.) The Wooden Spoon, located in east bumble-nowhere Ashford, CT has honestly changed my diner experience for the better. If you ever get the chance to go, try their homemade cornbread–holy moley delish. We both got egg sandwiches and shared a single gingerbread pancake (a wooden spoon tradition).

We only go to the Wooden Spoon once in a while given that the food is delicious, but pretty artery clogging delicious. The reason we went today is that I’ve spent my last night in the farmhouse 😦 After 8 months of living on the farm with 6 of my amazing friends I’ve made the move back home. Our lease is up at the end of December, and given that I have an employment opportunity in my hometown I decided to come back a little early. As sad as I am to leave that part of my life, I have another HUGE adventure coming up to prepare for. I’ll discuss that in tomorrow’s post 😉

After the Wooden Spoon I packed up my stuff and drove back home to Newtown. I stopped briefly at my parent’s house to drop off some stuff and then quickly took off for NYC. I have to get some stuff done tomorrow in the big city in order to embark on my next big adventure (I know, I feel so secretive! Ah!)

This was my first time ever driving into the city by myself and I’m so proud! I made it, found a spot, parallel-parked and everything! Not a big deal to some, but for me it was HUGE haha

My parents have a small apartment in the city so I’m staying here for the night. I stopped at Whole Foods in Union Square for some salad bar dinner, and now I’m relaxing and watching some Chopped!

I want to go on a city run tomorrow (never done that before), but the temps are looking a little bit chilly and I didn’t bring a lot of stuff for the cold–but we’ll see! In the meantime, here are a few hints as to where my next adventure will lead me:

Can you guess where I’ll be going??


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