Worst Blogger Ever.

Sorry, but after a crazy day full of activities, I’m too pooped for a full post right now.

Run down of today’s activities:

-Woke at 8:00.

-Walked from the west village to east 42nd street in order to get to the Israeli Consulate. (a bit chilly out in nyc today!) ps. If you haven’t already guessed from the pictures, my next adventure will be in Israel 🙂 More to come on that tomorrow.

-Got my visa at the Israeli Consulate after 2 intense security checkpoints and 45 minutes of haggling with Israeli bureaucracy…what a pain in my patootie.

-Walked back down to the West Village and walked around the Christmas shops in union square for a bit–I love, love, love the artist shops that they set up in Union Square around Christmas time. If you get to NYC skip the tree and go to Union Square–a little less crazy and way more fun!

-Got a bagel at Murray’s Bagels and then drove back out of the city to CT.

-Took a spin class with the madre at Sportsplex in Bethel. Haven’t taken a spin class in so long, my quads are killin!

-Mall with my ma to get some stuff for my grandparents.

Granted its all been pretty fun, but this day has been go, go, go!

I’m wiped. Goodnight!


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