Bienvenido a Puerto Rico!

What a crazy couple of awesome days it’s been! My family has been planning this trip for the last few months and Puerto Rico was pretty darn fabulous. We stayed at the Ritz-Carlton in San Juan (I am infinitely grateful to my parents for the wonderfulness of the hotel), which was right on the ocean and only minutes from the airport.

The view from the hotel room:

We spent most of our days relaxing on lounge-chairs, messing around in the ocean, and sitting in the hot tub—AWESOME! It was beautiful everyday except for Tuesday (it rained), but even on Tuesday we managed to have a great time wrapped up in towels under our beach umbrellas. It was somewhat hysterical. Every weekday my mom also donned her pink inner-tube in the ocean. For some reason this bright pink tube had my brother’s name on it? And my mom looked semi-ridiculous on the beach (this is why I love my family).

Adam spent most of his vacation in this position:

We also journeyed to San Juan, which was all decked out for Christmas time.

But the best part of all was that I got to wear bathing suits and dresses and I was still warm!!


So, onto the good stuff: The Vacation Eats!

We started off everyday with breakfast at the hotel buffet. They have a HUGE spread—bagels, toast, muffins, pastries, tons of fruit, lox, pancakes, waffles, and more! Most days I started with toast topped with lox, tomatoes, and capers. I had some fruit and then finished it out with some MUESLI! Oh my goodness, I may indeed have a new favorite breakfast food. I need, need, need to learn to make this at home.

Okay, so now onto lunch. Well, this’ll be short, we didn’t have any! My parents have extremely weird eating habits. On vacations they basically stuff themselves silly at breakfast and then hope that holds them over til dinner. I know this is extremely unhealthy, and it makes me pretty cranky (particularly around 4, when hunger really sets in), but hey it’s my family and that’s how they do things!

So, on to dinner!

Saturday: We went to a sushi restaurant in the hotel. It was definitely one of your typical overpriced sushi places (given that it was right in the hotel) but the sushi pieces were huge and pretty delish. We all got separate rolls and passed around. There were vegetable rolls, spider rolls, and spicy tuna rolls in the mix.

Sunday: We all took a taxi down to Old San Juan for some dins. We wound up at Café Puerto Rico, a restaurant serving up authentic Puerto Rican cuisine. The bartender was also really awesome. My mom’s been searching for the perfect Mojito recipe, and he was more than happy to oblige (the recipe will be coming soon :))..We drank down our mojitos and then we all ordered Mofongos. Mofongos are plantains and yucca smashed up with some butter and garlic. Let’s be real, how could that be bad? My mom, dad, and I all got shrimp mofongos (with some sautéed shrimp in the center), and my vegetarian broja got the veggie mofongo. They were so beyond amazing, I can’t even explain! Though the next day I did feel slightly ill (butter just does not sit right), but I definitely enjoyed it at the moment 🙂

Monday: We went to a restaurant within walking distance of the hotel called Metropol. It was alright, not too much selection—I’m not sure if I’m really a Puerto Rican cuisine girl because it’s a bit heavy. I got the grilled salmon (which wound up being pretty buttery, yuck). It also came with some fried plantains which were syrupy and amazing. I got a brown bean soup on the side, which was really good as well but I just couldn’t finish it (my brother helped me out with that!)..just too much food!

Tuesday: After tons of recommendations from my dad’s partner we found ourselves at Ajilli Mojilli, a restaurant in San Juan. My dad’s partner claimed that the mojitos here were the best in all of Puerto Rico so of course we had to try. We all ordered mojitos and they were pretty damn good, but a little too sweet for my liking. I think that the ones at Café Puerto Rico were better, a little less sweet and a bit more lime. I didn’t want anything heavy so I got the baked grouper with crab meat on top. Who woulda thunk it, but the grouper was extremely buttery! Puerto Rico loves its butter and Alana does not. Big problem. Overall, it was alright, but I think I’m going to need a butter detox once I get home.

Wednesday: Back to the sushi place. The Puerto Rican cuisine was getting a bit too heavy for us so we decided to return to something we knew. I got the rainbow roll this time and it was delicious. We also shared edamame and seaweed salad for apps.

Vacation Fitness!

No matter where I go on vacation, I make it my goal to workout (even if it’s just for a few minutes) each day. If there are amazing opportunities to take advantage of and it just doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen and that’s perfectly fine. But I do at least like to try, especially on relaxing beach bum vacays. And especially when I do nothing but chow down on tons of food all week, at least it cancels out some of it! Here’s my week review in fitness:

Sat: Hotel Spin Class!

Sun: 45 Minutes Elliptical

Mon: 30 minutes elliptical

Tues: 1 mile run, 45 minutes elliptical

Wed: 45 minutes elliptical

Thursday was plane time. We rolled out to the airport at around 9am. I had a Starbucks perfect oatmeal for breakfast (which came with dried fruit and almond toppings…bonus!)

Then I spotted this little pupparoo!

It said Beagle Brigade on his little jacket, which I thought was just about the cutest thing in the world. He was searching for illegal fruits in people’s bags. Every time he found something he ran around jumping in the air for a treat. It was freakin adorable.

Now were home celebrating Christmas Eve like only jews can (holiday parties and Chinese food)…Have a Merry Christmas Eve!!


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