New Years Resolutions

Sorry for the lack of posting. This weekend was crazy with working at the fancy schmancy ristorante, helping the commune family move into their new house, and other mumbo jumbo.

Let’s just say that I also didn’t exactly stay on track with the challenge. Starting the challenge a week before New Years was a bad choice. A very bad choice. So now the challenge is back on and I will work my hardest to make it happen!

Today I went to a spin class at Sportsplex. It was 45 minutes of sprints…ahh! I know that sprints work best for me in terms of weight loss, but a “hill” class is always way easier. This spin class was certainly a challenge.

After spin I went to see The Black Swan with my friend Dana. Holy crazy. That movie was ridiculous. Dana and I both decided we liked it, but we’re also both still in shock. Is that a good or bad sign?

In keeping with the New Year I’d like to make a few resolutions/goals to keep in mind for the next 365 days or so. The first few are more conceptual, but I also have concrete goals:

1) Do things that scare me. I don’t mean drag racing or scuba diving with great white sharks. I’m talking in terms of big picture things. Last year I decided not to accept an interview with this youth development program in NYC because I was afraid of failing. Imagine how different things might be if I had actually gone in for the interview and accepted the job? This year I will step up to the plate and take on these challenges, because not trying is no longer an option.

2) Don’t hold a grudge. I don’t think that I’m a totally awful person, but I do tend to hold a grudge if I feel that I’m wronged in some way. I need to learn how to relax and not sweat the small stuff. That’s huge.

3) Continue on the path to healthy. I’ve made some pretty big post-college strides in terms of returning to health (aka less drinking, more exercising, better eating). I still need to gain better control of what I put into my body in terms of eats and that’s one of the things I vow to continue.

4) Train for a marathon. My friend Katie Rose and I want to train for the Disney Marathon next year…I think we can definitely do it! Disney 2012 here we come!

5) Learn 5 songs on the guitar. I own one and I don’t play. Unacceptable.

6) Take the GREs. Because at some point I’ve got to be a real person.

Have a great night!


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