Hockey Fanatics

I live in a family where only one pro sports team truly matters. Sure, we’re Jets fans for football and Mets fans for baseball–my dad’s from Queens so we’ve gotta be! And any UConn team (women’s bball, men’s bball, football, soccer) is close to my heart, but UConn isn’t in a professional league. The one pro team that truly matters, the one team that I honestly and wholeheartedly care about? Ladies and Gentlemen, the New Jersey Devils.

I know what you’re thinking. How random is that? My brother started liking the devils around 1st grade, but we have no idea why. As I’m writing this he’s explaining to me that it had something to do with Hebrew school (what?) but we still really don’t understand why this devils fan passion was born. Adam’s intense love for all things devils soon transitioned to the rest of us. I got my first devils hat in elementary school, and that was it, I was hooked.

A while back my dad played in golf tournament benefitting Juvenile diabetes research. There was a silent auction and he bid on some amazing devils tix and won! The guy who auctioned off the tickets had 2 extra for the game we wanted so the whole fam got to go!

Off to Newark we went! Home to the beautiful new Prudential Center 🙂

We got to the stadium at 5:30 for the 7:00 game because the tickets included dinner beforehand! This wasn’t just “arena fare,” it was way way more than that. Holy delicious. For the first period and a half all of the food in the Devils club area was free. Sushi, pasta, pizza, pretzels, sami’s, and so so much more.

I ate a bunch of pieces of ebi (shrimp sushi) and had a soft pretzel as well. And of course…dessert!

I had a few bites of fruit tart and cannolli, as well as some fruit.

We ate and watched warm-up at the same time. Heaven.

Ladies and gentlemen, the highest paid player in the NHL. Ilya!

We were so close!

I know, I’m a lamely excited fan. And you know what, I’m proud to be a lamely excited fan!

And of course, the token picture of Martin Brodeur. He’s pushing 40, so not exactly in his NHL prime, but he holds the league records for regular season wins, shutouts, and games played. Marry me please.

In the end the Devils lost 😦 Not surprising though because they’re currently having a laughably bad season (coughlastintheleaguecough). But it was still fun and the experience was awesome!

After the game we spent the night at the apartment in NYC–I drove in to work around 10:30 this morning and spent the day filing my little heart out. Post-work I went to a LesMills RPM class (I still don’t quite understand the concept–a spin class except more structured? Why not just have a regular spin class?) The class was difficult because my quads are still burning from Monday, but I felt awesome at the finish!

I’m off to bed…7am wakeup is still something I have to adjust to :/

Have a great night!


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