Girls Night Out!

After another rousing day at work on Thursday I took off for NYC with my Newtown girls! I’ve known these 3 girls since elementary school, and we’ve remained friends all the way through high school and college. They are definitely my oldest and dearest friends 🙂

I love these girls 🙂

Mary (also my roommate from the farmhouse), Elisa, Katie Rose, and I got into the city around 7:00 and planned out our attack on the city.

First, of course, we stretched.

And had a few glasses of the bubbly/barefoot 🙂

Then we bundled up and headed out into the city! We stopped at Sammy’s Noodle Shop on 11th street, 6th ave and ordered 4 bowls of noodle soup! I got the curry shrimp soup, which I’ve had before, and it was just as good this time. Chock full of shrimp, noodles, carrots, snow peas, and other veggies…we could only finish about half of our soup bowls (and took the rest home).

Nice tongue KR.

After a quick stop back at the apartment we headed off to Bleecker street in search of drinks! We wound up at 1849–a bar at 183 Bleecker. The downstairs was awesome with velvet couches and wild west decorations (lots of saddles and cowboy gear). We sat downstairs, but were asked to go upstairs (they could tell we were Connecticut-ers). The upstairs wasn’t as fantastic, more of a sports bar really. But we still had fun! Elisa and I got ciders while KR and Mary got mixed drinks.

We started chatting with a group of guys at the table next to us and eventually they convinced us to join them at the bar a few doors down–The Back Fence. There was an awesome cover band playing and I had one more beer before calling it a night. All in all the day was awesome!

The next day however was an interesting situation. We drove home in the snow going about 10 mph down the highway. Almost 3 hours later (AHHH) we finally made it back…usually the drive only takes about an hour! But at least were safe and sound, and now I’m cuddled up on the couch sipping tea and watching movies. Bliss.

Have a fantastic (snowy) night!


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