Snowed In!

About two weeks ago I pretty much freaked out when it snowed for the first time this year. This time, I have something real to freak out about.

The snow was up to our waists and we had a crazy time trying to at least somewhat plow the driveway.

The snow on the deck was up to the railing (which is at least 4 feet high to begin with)! Since we’ve gotten about 20 inches of snow in the last 2 weeks, this blizzard just piled a ton more onto what was already there.

All told, we got 27 inches last night/into this morning. My Uncle lives in Los Angeles and apparently they were reporting on tiny small-town Newtown, CT on his news network this morning.

Well, we took full advantage of this real world snow day (no work!) and played around like kids all morning.

The neighbors took their goats out for a stroll in the road (yes, our neighbors have goats. and yes, they take them for strolls).

Because our road hadn’t been plowed very well (still hasn’t!), we decided that some neighborhood snow-shoeing was in order. My mom and I took the snowshoes, while Adam and his girlfriend, Ava, walked.

Like the hair? Who-ville style.

I was really sore this morning from Bootcamp last night, so snow-shoeing through the neighborhood was the perfect not-too-intense activity.

Plans for the rest of the day? Hot tea and reading by the fire. Ah, life is good.


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