Weekend Antics!

What a crazy ass weekend. I’m totally wiped, but had just about the greatest time ever so it’s cool πŸ™‚

After coming home from the NYC trip with my best friends from home, I slept in Newtown for the night and took off for NYC the next day! This time, my best friends from college joined me πŸ™‚ Gina, Ashley, Lauren, Casey, and I all lived on the same floor freshman year and became friends instantly.

This is us in our freshman dorm–we all look so young! In the back from left to right you have Ashley, Lauren, Casey, and I. Gina is in the front πŸ™‚

Sophomore year, Danielle came to UConn and we met her through mutual friends.

It’s been a love affair between the 6 of us ever since!

We did a lot of growing up together at school and I consider this group to be my 2nd family, my college family.

So Gina, Ashley, Danielle, and I packed into my car and drove into the city while Casey and Lauren came in on the train πŸ™‚ We all met up at my parent’s apartment and a night of craziness ensued. It’s a rare moment when all 6 of us get together so this was pretty great.

We went out to dinner at Stand, a fantastic burger place at 24 East 12th street. Most of us had been there before, but the burgers (and this is coming from a girl who doesn’t eat red meat/poultry) are so outta this world we had to go back.

We all got delicious drinks (Ashley even got an alcoholic milkshake that was so so good. Gotta make a home version). Lauren got a mini toasted marshmallow milkshake, which I’d had before at Stand. In my personal opinion, even if you don’t like burgers you should go there just for that delicious drink. They toast the marshmallows on top of it! Ah-maze-ing.

I wound up getting the veggie burger, which is made with quinoa–it was huge! I finished the second half without the bread because the actual home-made burger was totally worth it.

After Stand we got ready to go out for the night. The apartment was in shambles as we prepared for wherever the night would take us!

Good thing there are a lot of mirrors in that place!

Sexay Lauren πŸ™‚

We all had a few drinks and major girl talk before we headed out.

Love em, just love em!

We wound up at Webster Hall at 125 East 11th street. It was an insane dance party, which is what we were totally in the mood for. It also wound up being circus night (so random) so there were circus performers everywhere. Loved it! We stayed until around 4am and got pizza on the way back–It felt like college all over again!

Of course, the next morning also felt like college (hangover, extradonaire). Although I wasn’t upchucking, I definitely re-learned my limits. I can’t drink as much as I did in college, and I really shouldn’t be either. This weekend was a bit of a change from post-college life.

Monday Evan came over and we went snow-shoeing (woo, woo!) It’s seriously my new favorite thing. I get to be outside in the snow and working out simultaneously. Snow-shoeing is way harder than I thought it would be…its a fantastic workout.

We donned our snow-shoeing gear and hit the hiking paths in Newtown.

The socks are hot, I know.

Evan looks so pleased.

Today after work I decided to try a new class at the gym called (drum roll please) Intense Bootcamp. I was initially scared crap-less. Putting the word “Intense” before anything instantly implies (at least to me) that it’s something I might not be able to handle. But in keeping with my New Years resolution to do more things that scare me, I told myself I was gonna do it.

And you know what?


It was an hour circuit workout with tons of strength training moves and cardio blasts in between. I am definitely doing this for my strength training from now on! Evan has been trying to convince me to incorporate circuit training into my workout for a while now. I was trying not to give him the satisfaction of being right about something, but now I guess I have to ;).

Well, now we’re all snuggled in for the night at the Newtown house–the weather report is calling for 2 feet of snow (holy moly!)…no work tomorrow? I hope so!

Have an awesomely snowy night!


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