Spin and Ryan (Swoon)

It’s amazing how getting my move on can cause such an upward mood swing 🙂

After another rousing day at work, I was not exactly feeling energetic. I almost skipped out on the gym, but I knew that if I went I would feel better–plus, what a great start to the weekend. So the madre and I went to a LesMills RPM class. For those of you unfamiliar with LesMills RPM, its basically a regular spin class except the format is very structured. Every so often they’ll come out with a new routine and then you follow that routine for the next few months.

I can see why people like RPM classes. Because I took one last week I knew the basic format–I knew what was coming ahead and where I needed to save my energy/really challenge myself. However, for me personally this would get very boring very quickly. I’m not sure if all of the classes use the same music, but if that’s the case I cannot see sticking strictly with RPM. Variety is the factor that keeps me coming to the gym and I don’t think RPM is great for my mix-it-up mentality.

Good thing my gym has both RPM and spin classes–this way I can switch it up! A few RPM classes are definitely good and today’s sweat sesh felt great.

After RPM my amiga Elisa and I went to Blue Valentine. This movie was right up my alley. It was a love story, but not a cheesy love story which was nice (because most love stories tend to be the completely unrealistic and over-the-top). This was a “maybe even my boyfriend might appreciate this type of movie” love story. The ending was a little bit different from typical lovey dovey movies, which was kind of refreshing.

Of course, this chunk of gorgeous didn’t hurt things at all.

Holy hot.

Ryan Gosling is amazing. That is all.

Have a great night!


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