The World’s Greatest Friends

I seriously have the most amazing friends ever. They’re freakin’ fantastic.

Yesterday’s “going-away” festivities started with Matt, Miles, Mary, Elisa, and Katie Rose. We all went to Shady Glen (of previous post fame) for some diner classics. The 3 M’s got burgers, while Elisabella and I got tuna sami’s.

Of course, this is what we were truly interested in…

Shady Glen makes their own ice cream so we just had to get sundaes.

Normal pictures aren’t an option for this group 😉

After dinner we put our party pants on and went to Gina’s apartment at UConn. It was amazing. A whole night filled with awesome friends, food, and drink-a-links. I am so happy that everyone came, honestly it will be one of my best college memories!

(Take note of the above poster in the corner)

Thank you so much for planning it guys! I had an amazing time!

The next morning I woke up at the hot-tub house to Mary’s pancakes. Life is Good.

(Miles’ homemade hat!)

I had such a great time yesterday and this morning, which has eased the goodbye process. I’m going to miss everyone so much, but now I’m set to embark on the next great adventure. (Plus, skype will ease the separation ;))

Thanks for everything guys! I think I’m ready to go to Israel now.


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