PurimFest 2011

This week marked Purim, the biggest balagan to ever hit the streets of Tel Aviv. This was my first experience with Israeli holidays and it was all I thought it would be and more! Here in Israel holidays don’t just last a day or two, they last for an entire week! So come Monday people … More PurimFest 2011

Jump Right In!

I was a little bit nervous for my first day of volunteering on Sunday. Honestly, it’s intimidating not knowing the language that your students are speaking. I woke up bright and early feeling a little unsure of myself (what had I gotten myself into!) Gladly, those fears were put to rest by the end of … More Jump Right In!

V’Shavua Ha’achron Shel Orentatsia (בשבוע האחרון של אוריינטציה)

See how good my Hebrew is getting??? I only had to translate one word! Okay, fine. Two. But it is improving, slowly but surely! The title of this post means “Last Week of Orientation.” And I have never been more excited. Don’t get me wrong, the 3 weeks of logistics, Ulpan, volunteer visits, etc have … More V’Shavua Ha’achron Shel Orentatsia (בשבוע האחרון של אוריינטציה)