Welcome To My Bayit!

I realize that I’ve been here for 3 months (wahhhh, this is all going by way too fast!) and I have yet to show anyone my house! I’ve had these pictures for a few weeks now and haven’t gotten around to posting them. So, welcome to Guri bayit!

This is the front entryway, which leads to the stairs (our apt is on the second floor).

Note all of our lovely bikes (whose tires have been slashed–but that’s another story entirely).

Now walk up those front stairs and you’ll find our door on the right.

Walk inside that lovely brown door and you will find our front entranceway.

I apologize for the blurriness of some of the photos, but welcome to Guri nonetheless! 🙂

Take 3 steps forward, look to your left, and you have the living room.

College-esque wall decorations. On the left hand side of this room/photo you have two bedrooms. One which belongs to Katie:

And the other belongs to Josh:

At the back of the living (you can see it in the living room picture above) we have a small balcony overlooking Rehov Guri (Guri Road) and the park across the street. Allison demonstrates how to precariously balance on the balcony chairs (which are all missing boards).

The living room view from the other direction.

So on the left in this picture (and straight across from the front door) there is a small hallway leading to a bathroom and another bedroom.

The lovely bathroom. I will explain what taking a shower in Israel is like at the end of this post.

And Allison and Jodi’s bedroom! Allison’s side:

And Jodi’s Side:

After leaving this little hallway area, we come back out to the main entrance (facing away from the living room).

This is the only floor-length mirror in the house. It is perpetually dirty.

Take a left at the mirror and you enter the downstairs kitchen area.

And the “pantry” side.

That toaster oven is our only working oven. Welcome to Israel!

There are three bedrooms and one bathroom off of the kitchen. You have Adam’s bedroom:

(Which also happens to have a gigantic walk-in closet. Why didn’t a girl get this room??)

Kelly’s Room:

And her huge-ass window

Nancy’s Room (which is actually the bomb-shelter):

And a shot from sitting on her bed:

There is a second bathroom down here as well (which is just as exciting as the first one).

Okay, so now we’re going to about face and head to the front entryway once more! We’ll climb the stairs.

To the second floor we go! After heading up you’ll pass a door on your right, which leads to the deck but we’ll get to that in a moment. At the top of the stairs there is a small hallway with a tiny kitchen straight ahead, two bedrooms on the left, and a bathroom on the right.

Tiny Kitchen:

The “stovetop” where the upstairs dwellers cook.

Yes, we make our meals on a hotplate. Makes the whole cooking experience a little more creative. Next up, the bathroom:

Shower on the right, toilet on the left. World’s smallest bathroom.

Sidenote about the bathrooms in Israel: The toilets and showers tend to be directly next to each other. You know, just in case nature calls while you’re showering the convenience factor here is unmatched (we all know how hard it can be to hold it for 7 minutes). Additionally, Israeli showers don’t have stalls. Ever. No tubs, no stalls to contain the water, no nothing. That means that water ends up everywhere. Literally everywhere. On the toilet seat, all over the bathroom, all over the floor in the hall (yes, even with the door shut), etc…This makes for a fun time at the end of the shower when you take a gigantic squeegee and attempt to manuever it around the miniscule bathroom. No, it wouldn’t make sense to curve the floor towards the drain in order to help with the flow of water. Instead you take that squeegee and force the water towards the drain. It’s an interesting experience, raking the drenched floor butt naked while questioning why the heck someone would set up a system such as this. But hey, it’s Israel, sometimes things are slightly illogical. I still love this country, even with its faulty bathrooms.

So anyways, as I mentioned before there are two bedrooms upstairs. One belongs to Lisa:

And the other bedroom is home to Maya and I!

Maya’s side:

And my side:

And the best part about our room??

The door leading out to the roofdeck! I love this little nugget!

The roofdeck is by far the best feature of this apartment.

That glass door to the left is the door leading out of our room. Though the chairs (and admittedly all of the furniture, including that disgustingly moldy mattress on the ground) are falling apart, it’s still an awesome place to be. This is only one section as well, the deck wraps around the entire top of the house.

A great location for drying clothes.

I really love where we live–I couldn’t have asked for a better house or a wackier group of people to share it with 🙂

So anyways, not a whole lot happened this week. I had a really challenging day at the high school the other day, but it’s only made me further realize that I love what I do here. Even the bad days are not all that bad and I love teaching (despite the balagan of the school system).

This past Monday was Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day). At 10:00 on Monday morning a siren went off all around Israel prompting people to join together in two minutes of silence. Cars stopped on the highway, people came out of their homes, and everyone came together to remember those lost during the Shoah. Unfortunately, someone slept through her alarm clock and wasn’t able to make it out to the street 😦 I was really disappointed because I’ve been told that it’s an amazing experience. A few of my friends walked out to the highway and told me that it was extremely moving. The highway comes to a complete standstill and everyone comes out of their cars to stand silent for 2 minutes. Quite the experience.

This upcoming Monday we have Fallen Soldier’s Day (a memorial day for those killed during battle or by terrorist attacks) and there are two sirens for that as well. I will set 4 alarms in preparation because I don’t want to miss out again. The following Tuesday is Yom Ha’atsmaoot (Independence Day) which apparently is a bigger balagan than even Purim! There are BBQs on every available rooftop/plot of grass. Woohoo! We’re also going on a backpacking trip up North this weekend. Needless to say, there will be a lot going on in the next few days–I love this place!

Have a shavua tov (great week!)


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