Chocolate Paradise

Every Friday there’s always the great “what to do, what to do” debate. I’m going to be honest, Friday really sets the tone for the rest of weekend. Go out and have a few too many cocktails and you’re basically knocked out for the rest of the weekend. Have a quiet night in and you might end up bored and cursing your existence at 2 in the morning (plus those drunk happy texts from your friends won’t make you feel any better!).

This past Friday Casey, her roommate Eric, and I were having this very debate. After a few minutes of back and forth Eric sent me this little nugget: “Let’s just go to Max Brenner and eat tons of chocolate.” Um, yes please.

As it turns out, Eric may actually be the smartest person alive.

Max Brenner is a delicious chocolate extravaganza located right next to Union Square (841 Broadway in between 13th and 14th street). While I was in Tel Aviv I heard tell of this Max Brenner place (it’s located near the corner of Rothshield and Allenby), but I never had the opportunity to go. When I tell people who have been to Tel Aviv that I’ve never been to Max Brenner they look at me like I have two heads. Of course, I had to remedy this situation so off to Max Brenner we went!

The very second I walked through the front door I knew that this was a place I would enjoy. There were cases full of chocolate truffles, giant round vats twirling gallons of chocolate delight, and an entire wall displaying lollipops. Amazing. The only negative part of this entire experience? We had to wait 30 minutes for a table–and we had a reservation! I can only imagine how long the people without reservations had to wait.

Eventually we got a seat and all chose our meals. They actually do serve real food at Max Brenner despite the fact that I’m making it sound like all they have is chocolate. The menu is your typical modern American fare–sandwiches, burgers, pizza, etc. I ordered the “Yummy Baja Style Fish Tacos,” which came with a spicy chipotle sauce, rice, and beans.

(Sorry for the dark picture quality in this post–I’m still trying to work out this iphone nonsense.)

Generally if fish tacos are on the menu, that’s for certain what I’m getting. I’ve definitely had my fair share of tacos and these were legitimately out of this world. The mango slaw with the corn tortillas definitely made the taco. The beans were “chili-like” and a little out-of-place on the plate, but besides that the meal was delish.

Casey got the Veggie Burger.

It was pretty good, but she didn’t think it was homemade (never a good sign) so I’m not sure if she would order it again.

Eric got the Chicken Club Sandwich

He tore this apart so it couldn’t have been too bad! Also, those waffle fries had cocoa powder on them…ohhhh yes they did.

The real spectacle came post-dinner when the dessert arrived. We were all pretty full, but you don’t go to a chocolate restaurant without getting chocolate. Duh.

Eric got the melting middle chocolate cake that came with extra chocolate syrup and a baby-sized milkshake. Watching Eric, who is over 6 feet tall and probably 200 pounds sip on this tiny baby milkshake was the highlight of my night.

Casey and I split the Warm Trio Chocolate and Toffee Caramel Fondue. It came with strawberries, bananas, brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and marshmallows (which came with a mini-grill for roasting!) for dipping.

Holy delicious, batman. This was actually amazing. Casey and I both decided that we only really needed the strawberries, banana, and marshmallows, but this was truly a decadent experience. Oh, Max Brenner, I love you.

We finished off the night by going to the movies to see Contraband. The verdict? Marky Mark is amazing as always (even without his Funky Bunch) and the movie in general wasn’t so bad either. It was action-packed and pretty great–definitely recommend seeing it theatres. Action and thriller movies are always better on the big screen!

For now, I’m off to bed to dream of chocolate–I’m already plotting my return to Max Brenner for chocolate fest part 2!


One thought on “Chocolate Paradise

  1. Wow. I want to go….. Now!
    It’s 11 PM. On a work night and I want to leave now for NYC.
    Who cares about tomorrow

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