Stuffing my Face on Sunday Mornings

All of the best Sundays are lazy, filled with food, and involve grown men wearing skin-tight spandex whilst tackling each other. That’s why I was very excited when my parents decided to take Casey and I out to brunch on Superbowl Sunday. All my favorite things combined into one day? I was one happy Alana.

We trekked from the West Village to the Lower East Side to go to Essex Restaurant (120 Essex St at Rivington). Essex is a “warehouse” type restaurant, serving up dinner seven days a week–however, their brunch menu is where they really shine. Saturdays and Sundays Essex has a $22.95 price fixe menu which includes 3 mimosas, screwdivers, or bloody marys. What’s the perfect way to get rid of a Sunday morning hangover? Why, more drinking of course!

We sat upstairs in a loft that overlooks the rest of the restaurant and were immediately served some garlic rolls.

Mmm..such a good start to the meal.

Casey and my mom got the French Toast with Bananas Foster Sauce. It was absolutely delicious.

This picture totally does not do the deliciousness justice. The sauce tasted just like bananas foster and the french toast was cinnamonny and sweet. Just the way french toast should be.

I got the Mexican Vegan Matzo Brei.

Matzo brei is essentially scrambled eggs with matzo cooked in (It’s a Jewish tradition to make it on Passover when you can’t eat leavened bread). This was a Mexican VEGAN Matzo Brei, however, so tofu was scrambled as opposed to the eggs and it came with soy cheese. This was terrific with the salsa and guacamole mixed in. I love all food Mexican, so this was a perfect breakfast combo–can’t wait to make it at home!

My dad got the LES Matzo Brei with homemade apple sauce and chicken apple sausage.

The consensus? A little bland. My dad wound up putting some maple syrup on it and it was much much better.

You might be wondering where all those drinks went as well? Well they went unphotographed but it’s definitely safe to say we got our money’s worth 😉

Would I recommend Essex again? Absolutely. If you’re looking for a great lazy Sunday place to get brunch, you’ve just found it. Now, if only I could eat there everyday…


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