February 8, 2012 marked a year’s anniversary of the beginning of my journey to Israel. A year ago on that day I was boarding a plane for a country that would quickly become my home and met a group of people who would soon become my second family. I can safely say that my time in Israel was some of the best of my life–I wouldn’t be where I am today without it. I am a more confident individual, a better friend, and a more independent person because of my time abroad–these are things that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Needless to say on Feb 8th, I was feeling pretty nostalgic and needed some Israel lovin’ to get me through. Evin Lawson to the rescue! Evin and I met in Israel, became quick friends, and created some serious balagan together. So when Evin decided to move to NYC from North Carolina a couple of months ago I pretty much had a heart attack. When I get excited about things I make a sound that is somewhere in between a dying cat and Mel Gibson screaming in Braveheart. Have I mentioned how attractive I am? It’s safe to say that when I found out Evin was moving to the city the squealing was unstoppable. Anyways, Evin and I decided to celebrate our Israel anniversary by going to a cute coffee shop in the East Village called the B Cup Cafe.

This cafe was located right near Stuytown–where Evin might get an apartment–and they had free WIFI. I was sold! The place was adorable, with murals all over the outside and a cute set-up on the inside. It was pretty big, but the chalkboard walls gave it a homey feel.

We didn’t know this beforehand, but there were a number of Israeli dishes on the menu. Clearly this was meant to be!

Evin and I both ordered the shakshuka, which was delicious, but little more tomato-soup like than I’m used to. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it!

The shakshuka came with some gargantuan baguettes, which wasn’t too bad either. Bread and shakshuka with Evin–I’m not so sure there was a better way to celebrate our Israel anniversary 🙂

We sat in B Cup Cafe (does this name make anyone else think of boobs? No? No one?) for a few hours and listened to a mix of OAR, Feist, the Beatles, and Florence & the Machine. A pretty good way to spend an afternoon.

Plus, I had a stare down with this little nugget of adorableness for a solid 20 minutes.

Ohhh puppies, how I love thee.

So even though I’m not celebrating this anniversary in Israel, being able to enjoy some shakshuka in the city with Evin definitely more than makes up for it. Perhaps next year I’ll be enjoying shakshuka on Rehov Allenby by the Mediterranean once again? We’ll see! For now, I’m pretty happy here, but the possibilities are endless. The end of one exciting year only means the beginning of another big adventure 🙂


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