Latest Hiking Spots

Spring is upon us, folks!

This is my first Spring in 3 years living outside of a city and I realized that this is my first time seeing the natural changes of Spring since then. Living in the city left me pretty sheltered from nature, and now that I’m relatively out in the woods, everything coming back to life seems pretty spectacular. The fact that each day I can see the place around me becoming greener and greener is pretty wonderful and I’ve been enjoying every minute of it!

Of course, I want to spend every minute outside and hiking is the best way to do that! I cannot tell you how much it improves my mood to be able to do these things again! So without further ado, some of my recent hiking jaunts:

Stone Barns at Blue Hill 

Mike and I recently rediscovered this little gem tucked into Tarrytown, NY. Stone Barns at Blue Hill is a farm with its very own farm-to-table restaurant. The farm raises all of the animals and grows the majority of the greens/other crops that they use at the restaurant. The estate is absolutely gorgeous and they allow visitors, so Mike and I went a few times over the past few months (though we didn’t go dining because it’s slightly out of our pricey range at 200 per person…holy banana bread!). The farm is also attached to Rockefeller State Preserve so the hiking trails go on for miles and miles. Because of Mike’s wacky study schedule, I went down by myself a few weeks ago and saw all of the baby animals that had just been born! Freaking adorable.


Paugussett State Forest 

Located right in my very own, Newtown, CT, this awesome hike runs right along Lake Zoar. It also ends with a pretty spectacular waterfall (especially with the water being so high in the Spring!). I went on this hike a few weeks ago with my family and my brother’s girlfriend, Claire. We hiked along the water on Easter Sunday (a lovely Jewish celebration of Easter) and ended at this gorgeous location! A 2-hr or so hike if you take your time.


The Great Smoky Mountains! 

There will be a much longer post on this, but Mike and I just recently took a trip down to Gatlinburg, Tennessee to go hiking in the Smokies! I’ll post a few pictures for now with much more to come.



Last, but certainly not least. Mike and I currently have some seriously spectacular digs (we are living together in his dorm room). It’s tight, we’re sleeping in twin extra-long beds (college-style!), and we have 1/5 of an amount of fridge space, but we love it, we’re happy, and we’re together!


Livin’ in style!

26 days until we move into our new digs!!


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