Spanish Eats!

I recapped our Spain trip, but something was noticeably absent. Now, let’s just take a second and think. What does Alana love more than all other things? What does she plan her entire day around? What does she wake up every morning thinking about? A solid guess would have been Archie, but in actuality it is….


If you know me at all, you know that I eat my way through every experience and Spain was no exception! The Spanish food did not disappoint…we basically spent our entire vacation deep sea diving into a pool of tapas. So, without further ado, some of our best Spanish eats:



We had paella several different times on the trip! Paella is a delicious mix of rice, olive oil, broth, and different varieties of protein (depending on the kind of paella you try!). Mike tried his paella with chicken and I had paella de mariscos with different kinds of seafood. What a great mix of mussels, clams, crawfish, calamari, and shrimp! I liked the paella but I wouldn’t say that I loved it…a little too greasy for me. But Mike LOVED paella so you definitely have his seal of approval!



Oh my goodness. I think I could literally live off of tapas for the rest of my life and be perfectly fine with that decision. Tapas are small plates of food that can be ordered in combination to make a meal. I love tapas because you can try a little bit of everything! We ordered plates of cheese, olives, chorizo, chicken, etc.


One of the most popular varieties of tapas is called Patatas Bravas. Patatas Bravas consists of fried potatoes topped with a spicy red sauce and a garlicky aioli. REALLY yummy. Unfortunately, apparently every time we ordered Patatas Bravas we devoured them too quickly to take a picture. So…enjoy this picture straight from the interwebs:


I also really enjoyed the Galician octopus tapas (Mike even tried a bite!). It was my first time having octopus and I’m a HUGE fan…the Galician octopus was grilled over potatoes with a delicious mix of olive oil and spices.




Pintxos for the win! While I loved all of the Spanish food, pintxos (pronounced pinchos) were absolutely my favorite. Pintxos are kind of like tapas in the sense that they’re mini and appetizer-like. Pintxos are usually pieces of bread topped with a delicious combination of toppings (cheese, peppers, olive tapenade, salmon, croquettes, fish, etc).

The best thing about pintxos is the way that they’re served! Plates of pintxos sit on top of the bar or are passed around so you can take as many as your little heart desires. Each pintxo has a toothpick in it and once you eat your pintxo you DO NOT throw out your toothpick! Rather, you leave the toothpick on your plate. At the end of the night, you count up all of the toothpicks and the price you pay is based on the number of toothpicks. This is obviously very honor-system based, but it seems like it works! I think the concept is pretty cool. I LOVED eating these little one/two bite wonders.


As Barcelona sits right on the coast, the seafood was unbelievable! Straight out of the Mediterranean, this was definitely some of the freshest seafood I have EVER had. Crawfish, shrimp, mussels, octopus, squid, fish…Spain had it all! I enjoyed my first whole fish and though I was a little confused about how exactly to dig into this bad boy, I really liked it. Flaky and perfectly spiced! Whole fish is clearly the way to go.



Can’t forget about dessert! Spain is famous for its churros con chocolate. These little delights are fried dough dipped in a decadent thick hot chocolate. So obviously we indulged several times.


And sometimes, if you’re feeling especially dangerous, you just eat the chocolate straight out of the glass with a spoon.


Livin’ on the wild side.

Overall, Spanish food was incredible. You can tell a lot about a country based on the way they cook and consume food and you can clearly tell that Spain is a country where the people are warm and connected! We had an amazing time eating our way through Spain and can’t wait to go back and do it all over again 🙂


And last but not least, this is a picture of Mike housing some McDonalds. Because you take the boy out of America, but you can’t take America out of the boy.




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