First Recipe!

Another icy day here in CT! It snowed a few inches overnight and we’ve had icy rain all day since. I spent most of the day parked on the couch seeing as I couldn’t get into work earlier due to the weather. I got a lot of good reading done 🙂 This new novel that … More First Recipe!

Hot-Tub House

Hello! How was everyone’s weekend? I hope it was awesome! Right now I’m sitting on the couch at my parent’s house with three blankets layered on top, and yet I’m still shivering! Winter is reaching its peak of freezing and I’m getting a little bit sick of it. Okay, Mother Nature, time to put a … More Hot-Tub House

Weekend Antics!

What a crazy ass weekend. I’m totally wiped, but had just about the greatest time ever so it’s cool 🙂 After coming home from the NYC trip with my best friends from home, I slept in Newtown for the night and took off for NYC the next day! This time, my best friends from college … More Weekend Antics!

Hockey Fanatics

I live in a family where only one pro sports team truly matters. Sure, we’re Jets fans for football and Mets fans for baseball–my dad’s from Queens so we’ve gotta be! And any UConn team (women’s bball, men’s bball, football, soccer) is close to my heart, but UConn isn’t in a professional league. The one pro … More Hockey Fanatics

Worst Blogger Ever.

Sorry, but after a crazy day full of activities, I’m too pooped for a full post right now. Run down of today’s activities: -Woke at 8:00. -Walked from the west village to east 42nd street in order to get to the Israeli Consulate. (a bit chilly out in nyc today!) ps. If you haven’t already … More Worst Blogger Ever.