February 8, 2012 marked a year’s anniversary of the beginning of my journey to Israel. A year ago on that day I was boarding a plane for a country that would quickly become my home and met a group of people who would soon become my second family. I can safely say that my time … More Nostalgia

10 Happy Things!

Yes, I’m a bad daily blogger. So sue me. But these last 5 days have been a whirlwind!! Here are 10 happy things from the last 120 hours 🙂 1) Going to NYC with my Mom and Dad to the Blue Note Cafe! It’s a Jazz Club on 131 West 3rd street, with good grub … More 10 Happy Things!

Weekend Antics!

What a crazy ass weekend. I’m totally wiped, but had just about the greatest time ever so it’s cool 🙂 After coming home from the NYC trip with my best friends from home, I slept in Newtown for the night and took off for NYC the next day! This time, my best friends from college … More Weekend Antics!

Girls Night Out!

After another rousing day at work on Thursday I took off for NYC with my Newtown girls! I’ve known these 3 girls since elementary school, and we’ve remained friends all the way through high school and college. They are definitely my oldest and dearest friends 🙂 I love these girls 🙂 Mary (also my roommate … More Girls Night Out!

Hockey Fanatics

I live in a family where only one pro sports team truly matters. Sure, we’re Jets fans for football and Mets fans for baseball–my dad’s from Queens so we’ve gotta be! And any UConn team (women’s bball, men’s bball, football, soccer) is close to my heart, but UConn isn’t in a professional league. The one pro … More Hockey Fanatics