Fast Facts

  • I teach 7th grade English Language Arts in the Bronx. aka I hang out with 90 moody, excitable, messy, adventurous, angsty, and curious little human beings each day.
  • I will be married in June 2016! To a wonderful man named Michael who encourages all of my batshit crazy ideas (even when he suspects that they won’t end well!)
  • I have a Foxhound mix named Archie. Yes, I am one of those insufferable people who treats their dog like a child.
  • My favorite foods are rice pudding, shakshuka, olives, panna cotta, and egg/cheese sandwiches. Preferably not all together. That would be gross.
  • I love to travel: I lived in Israel for 8 months, studied in Italy for two months, and have used most of my free-time and funds to travel elsewhere across the globe. Traveling just makes my brain feel better. 
  • Why Whole Wheat and Wildberry? My mom used to call me her “Whole Wheat and Wildberry Kid” when I was little and it’s stuck with me ever since! To me, this name evokes the idea of “going with the flow” and always trying out new things. I think that this fits well with my mission of putting technology on the back burner and having as many new experiences as possible.


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