Life on the Farm

So I’ll share a bit about my current living situation! Right now, I live in a house with five other roommates on a 1 acre farm in Storrs, CT. We’re all recent UConn grads and when a friend found an opportunity to start a farming community this summer, we all decided to join in on the fun!

Welcome to the Farm!

We’ve been living on the farm since May and will unfortunately have to move out by the end of December, but it’s definitely been interesting while it lasted. We’re in a 3 bedroom house, and with 6 of us shoved in things have gotten a bit crazy. There are two upstairs bedrooms (where roomies Matt and Jess live) and one downstairs bedroom (where married couple, Mary and Miles live). This, of course, leaves 2 more people bedroom-less, which is where the living room comes in! My boyfriend and I have moved into the living room, which actually isn’t as bad as it sounds…it’s a good sitch!

The downstairs bedroom (home to newlyweds Mary and Miles)
Matt hanging out in the living room (aka Evan and my bedroom!)

Though it can be a bit tight at times, we’ve learned to live with it. We do tons of baking, cooking, and organic eating, and people stop by all the time. Yesterday for example, we had Patrick stop by for some beer brewing. They made two different porters in the front yard last night (very crafty boys!). All this occurred while Mary made chili and banana bread, I made meatless tacos (for the veg amongst us–including myself!), and Matt baked “from scratch” bread. Just another day on the farm!

Farmyard brewfest!
10 degree weather? Brewing til 1am? No problem for these boys.

Another friend from my hometown, Katie Rose, came today and we had lunch at the house. Mary made a Moosewood cookbook version of Minestrone soup, which turned out really hearty. She had doubled (maybe even tripled ;)) the amount of veggies and you can never go wrong with that! After lunch we hung out with the rabbits and chickens in the backyard and then watched a few episodes of Say Yes to the Dress (love)…all in all a great day!

Katie Rose appreciating the bathtub in our yard. What, you don't have a bathtub in your yard?

Earlier on I got in a solid 30 mins of biking and 30 minutes on the elliptical so I definitely got those endorphins pumping…it’s dinner time next, time to figure out what’ll be on the menu πŸ™‚ In the meantime, here’s a photo collage of life on the farm:

Mary, cookin' up some chili!
We even share pants in the farmhouse! As you can see from Patrick sporting Mary's favorite sweats.
My boyfriend, Evan πŸ™‚ The first picture he's ever taken with a normal smiley face.
Baby bunnies! Matt's backyard bunny project! I've already been guaranteed that these bunnies will live long fruitful uneaten lives πŸ™‚
Peter, up close and personal. He's a farm fave!
Chickadees! 2 Roosters and 9 Hens!
Hard at work on the apple press! Yes, we put our guest Katie Rose to work as well πŸ™‚
Mary checking in on the bun buns!
We decorate organically...dried hot peppers!

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