Mentally Wiped

Filing is getting to me. Filing is really really getting to me. There’s only so long that a human being can withstand the mindless action of alphabetizing, disorganizing, and re-alphabetizing lists of names over and over and over again. Today was one of those days where I just couldn’t stop my brain from thinking about … More Mentally Wiped

Slump No More!

So Friday and Saturday morning I was in a bit of a slump. I really don’t have much to complain about because my life is pretty awesome, but I just felt kind of tired. I wasn’t sleepy tired so much as just physically tired, my arms and legs felt like lead and my brain was … More Slump No More!

Life on the Farm

So I’ll share a bit about my current living situation! Right now, I live in a house with five other roommates on a 1 acre farm in Storrs, CT. We’re all recent UConn grads and when a friend found an opportunity to start a farming community this summer, we all decided to join in on … More Life on the Farm